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Eat well to live well.

Serving all of Long Island, NY

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More health. More time. More balance.

Enjoy dinner at home once again without cooking!

Ala Stacey Personal Chef Service is a custom dinner service to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home. Enjoy wholesome, delicious meals, seasoned specifically to your tastes, prepared in your kitchen and ready to eat when you are.

Whether you want to host a dinner party, a special event or you want to bring balance back into your life by having family meals prepared for you, Chef Stacey can help!

We cook. You eat!
It's as simple as that - no planning, no shopping, no cooking and no cleaning.

Let me share my passion and love of fine food with you and your loved ones while satisfying your need to dine at home. Sharing meals at dinner time strengthens and revitalizes family bonds. Chef Stacey gives you back the gift of time to share with your family instead of pondering what's for dinner.

Give Yourself the Gift of Time

While some might think a personal chef is a luxury keep in mind that a personal chef provides healthy meals tailored to your family's needs. A personal chef will save you on average 10-16 hours per week. Our clients are often surprised what a significant improvement it provides in their quality of life. As a result, instead of it being a luxury it turns out to be a necessity!

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For your safety and protection, we are fully licensed and insured.

Member US Personal Chef Association PCN Pacesetter Award Winner December 2006
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